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University Privacy Committee

Committee Charge

In support of the university privacy statement and principles, the Cornell Data Privacy Committee will establish and oversee the appropriate governance and oversight policies necessary to ensure that the highest ethical standards are maintained in the storage, collection, and use of personal data, that issues of bias and consent associated with data analysis and predictive analytics are carefully considered, and that consistent compliance with relevant international, federal, and state laws is maintained. The Cornell Data Privacy Committee will comprise senior thought leaders from Cornell’s student, academic and administrative units. The Committee and Committee chair(s) will be appointed by the Provost and the Executive Vice President.  The committee will initially meet monthly.

As an initial charge, the committee will:

  • Develop a statement of principle and guidelines for existing data committees charged with making decisions about specific data access and use proposals 
  • Review existing Cornell policies and recommend changes, as needed, to balance the protection of private data and the university’s legal obligations
  • Review existing Cornell privacy statements and recommend change, as appropriate
  • Review Cornell’s approach and oversight of predictive analytic services that may impact privacy or influence decisions about its faculty, staff and students
  • Work to stay apprised of rapidly changing privacy laws and offer insights to the Provost and Vice President on how Cornell should best navigate the associated regulatory risks of these changing laws
  • Provide insights about privacy as it relates to Cornell’s growing international mission
  • Determine and act on other areas of Privacy worthy of Committee review
  • Act on behalf of the Provost and Executive Vice President upon request

Committee Membership

  • Chair: Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer, Ithaca
  • Chief Risk Officer
  • Associate Director for University Privacy
  • Vice President for Student and Campus Life
  • Vice Provost for Enrollment
  • Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Chief Information Security Officer
  • Chief Research Compliance Officer
  • Associate Vice Provost and Executive Director of Global Operations and Strategy
  • General Counsel and Secretary of the Corporation